laptop repairing course in ameerpet

laptop repairing course in ameerpet .

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Modules for laptop repair course

1 . Professional certificate in the assembly and installation ( PCHN )
( I ) Assembly ( ii ) Operating System (Dos and Windows) ( iii) Installation & Internet ( iv ) data recovery and repair

2 . Professional Certificate in repairing chip level ( PCLR )
( I) basic electronics ( ii ) SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) ( iii ) UPS ( uninterruptible power supply
( Iv ) Monitor ( V ) Keyboards, Mice & Scanner (V ) Motherboard (VI) Laptop
Classes Fast Track: We quickly follow a period of 15 days for mobile engineers who want to refresh and improve skills with us.
We will tell their special secrets of laptop repair . It will be fast paced 6:00 classes with hands on practical training.
We will cover the following issues:
• cut adapter not working , burns adaptation
• adapter not working and not charging
• The battery does not work, the battery working with delay
• Lack of blue tooth , without camera
• clock generator KB fault , low battery
• No sound head phone OK
• No sound
• A USB port is not working , only SATA DVD ROM default, only SATA hard drive failure
• Fault Find SIO , Fault SATA Total lack of TouchPad, TouchPad Switch does not work, VGA



1 . Basic Electronics :
• Presentation of electricity ( volts, current , AC DC Fundamentals, current, voltage, watts , amps , the resistance ,
capacitor, diode, transistor , LED , etc. )
• Using digital multimeter.
• What circuit? And circuit types
• Resistance & Colour code, capacitor , diode, Coil & Transformer, transistors , MOSFETs , Sensor, complete theory of IC and practice.
1 . SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply)
• Establishment of the base component ,
• Principal Working SMPS . block diagram
• Different voltage Pin from different cable and use
• draw the rectifier, filter, oscillator, SM Transforming
• Monitoring and Troubleshooting SMPS , basic problem and solution
• Understand liquid crystal display Presentation Circuit Monitor LCD technology, LCD monitor diagram ,
Understanding Board / Main Board AD , Understanding Inverter Board , Understanding the starting circuit .
• Understand the different backlight (lamps ), Understanding LCD Monitor, service mode Factor LCD monitor between plasma and LCD
• Tools and test equipment , The Secret of the opening Cover LCD , Understanding SMD codes and registor tests monitor,
understand codes SMD capacitors and testing Understanding Power Board
• Application Schottky diode recovery and testing, glued and Dead Pixels in LCD Monitors,
ritical test voltage LCD screen , monitor the critical points of the test wave form LCD .
Problems color LCD monitor, White display problem in the LCD monitor.
• Vertical line on the screen of Phillip 17 ” C 170 LCD Monitor
• Draw a horizontal line across the LCD monitor screen, How to Repair Power Adapter LCD Monitor.
1 . UPS ( Uninterrupted Power Supply)
• Introduction of UPS .
• Work relay Transformer.
• diagram UPS sections d ‘ , ( April Stadium, voltage regulator, load stage , stage & Oscillator switching AC & AC low floor high Senser ,
Buzzer Stage & deep discharge ( level of protection of the battery).
• Monitoring and troubleshooting of UPS.


1 . Motherboard:
• Introduction of the motherboard.
• Diagram of the motherboard , all sections and work description
• Description of the parts in and identification
• Diagram and Working section VRM ( voltage regulator )
• Work Scheme VRM section and all internal sections ( stage current sense , the direction input stage Volt ,
Five bit Programmable stage ) , Testing & Diagnosis of the VRM section .
• section clock ( work item and test clock generator ) generator.
• Description of the BIOS section ( working and troubleshooting BIOS )
• Section Controller I / O ( job / O and description of all internal section : stadium, keyboard interface ,
the LPC interface stage , Multimode parallel stage , Port Input Output Interface FDC ) full working .
• Keep section and the RTC section of work and testing .
• Welding & D solder SMD chip components , Iron & hotgun .
• CRO (Cathode Ray Oscilloscope ) , operating and troubleshooting the CRO CRO
• Diagnosis of the motherboard through all sections of the test chart and use the debugger card. (Fault Diagnosis by this coding sheet )
• CMOS set up utility and option control implementation and the Council BIOS programming,
rogrammer BIOS operating BIOS Programmer & Troubleshooting the BIOS programmer .
• Introduction of BGA , BGA operation
• Rebolling IC through BGA


1 . MODULE 3 (portable base material )
• Difference between computer and mobile
• Assemble and De- assemble portable
• Adapters – Type Volt Amp, Pin Size
• Battery – Type Volt to verify Different amps
• LCD – Type LCD , size, pin , Wideness , UPS
• Inverter – Use, work types , TFT Tube
• Body – ingestion, front panel , rear panel
• Motherboard – Basic types , Diagram
• Keyboard – Cable, Pin , Size , touchpad
• Hard Drive – Sata , Pata , panels
• RAM – Types of RAM, SDRAM, DDR RAM
• CPU – CPU Types Laptop
• PCI Socket , President, WIFI, etc.
• BIOS Settings
• Modification and replacement of components above


1 . MODULE 4 (portable Chip Level Repair)
• Introduction of a laptop, various mobile comparison , the difference between desktop and laptop , the laptop category .
• Diagram laptop and description of all sections.
• Step Battery: – Battery Description section testing and troubleshooting of (Ni- Cd, Ni- Mh Li -ion
• Volt Directed by: job volt in the section , testing and troubleshooting .
• Stage Micro Controller: Work & Identification of microcontroller ( H8/3437 ) . Testing & diagnostics.
• Phase VRM VRM section of the work ( voltage regulator ) Testing & Recognition
( control circuit, the oscillator section , Sensor & VID Scene Selector default.
• PCI Controller: Work Internship PC Controller Card , PC Card Socket & PCMCIA slot .
• IEEE 1394 Firewire step : work the 1394 Section , testing and troubleshooting .
• Audio Section : work of the audio section, Testing and Troubleshooting
• Phase DSP work of the DSP (Digital Signal Processor) section , screening and diagnosis.
• TFT Panel: Working with Article CCFL LVDS work section , work together TFT films, delimitation work Pad IC testing and troubleshooting
• Identification of sections laptop : identifying Sections laptops, computer parts , location and interface connector .
• Section adapter : Diagram of Article adapter, testing and troubleshooting
• Stepdown step : Work & Schematic buck section , testing and troubleshooting
• Reballing different BGA IC With Infraray
We will also cover the following main things :
daigram block , CPU, GMCH , ICH , memory, VGA, LCD clock genaretor
5v power states , 3.3v sio , regulators, S 5 , S 4, S 3, CPU supply all volatages
SATA , USB , LAN, SIO , charger
Main signals from the motherboard and motherboards How to work with different ic
Training wise problem
• Define different problems for laptops
• Common laptop chip
• CPU chip feed
• control chip charge discharging
• chip temperature control of the CPU
• Graphics Brand
• Ethernet chips
• Audible audio chip
• Chip PC Card
• Smart COM ports
• Smart Keyboard
• chip keyboard
• Battery IC:
• memory control chip
• Clock IC:
• Control LCD backlight
• power DDR memory
• Other common chipset
• MOSFET opportunity
• Crystal ( 14.318 Clock)
• Socket ( display, battery, DVD-ROM , modem, keyboard, mouse, OnOff panel etc. )
• Diagnosis and troubleshooting motherboard
• Monitoring and engaging the various component connectors and related chip
• Test and use of the various components
• regulating sections DC to DC power
• Power supply to various vice -core chips, 5vsus , +1.5 V , 1.8vsus , 5V , 10V, 2.5V
• The voltage of the processor, video, section vrm , vrm MOSFET
• clock generating circuits
• Wood chips section , RTC chip
• Good power , reset , frame clock signals bios
• Diagnosis and troubleshooting .
• How to Read Sheet different component .
• A method of cleaning and washing base board
• deleting practice cms components and inserting the various components
• Training in using oscilloscope cro
• Troubleshooting Using the oscilloscope cro
• Using debug postcard error code
• Troubleshooting using a post card debugging
• Training with eeprom programmer
• Updating the BIOS with the EEPROM programmer
• Training using the BGA soldering station
• Removing BGA chips and rebolling using stencil reball
• Ics rebolling , BGA ball arrangement , the practice
• Training with lot welding
• Removing and socket connectors with solder bath
• BIOS password , IBM, Dell password removal steps
• Search leaves of different CI data
• Common problems with different motherboards
• Equipment / tools for laptop repair
• voltage regulator circuit on the motherboard
• hdd repair
• How an image appears on the LCD
• How I installed external Bluetooth adapter inside a laptop
• How to bypass Windows 7 logon password in 3 steps
• How to Repair Unable Nvidia chip
• How to resolve hardware problems without removing the laptop
• How to replace battery cells inside laptop battery
• How to test a laptop or a desktop computer memory
• Measures to piracy Dell BIOS Password



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