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Digital Marketing and Web Design     
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    Digital Marketing Review

    What is digital marketing?
    What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?
    What is SERP (Search Results Pages)?
    What is SEM (search engine marketing)?
    What is SMO (optimization of social networks)?
    What is SMM (Social Network Marketing)?
    What are blogs and the purpose of blogs?
    What is Adsense & Affiliates?
    What is email marketing?
    What is mobile marketing?
    What is online reputation management?

    Duration: ?  hours

    Web Design and Hosting

    Web Design and Hosting
    What is HTML, PHP, CSS and Java Script?
    Different types of websites
    Static and dynamic websites
    Start designing sites
    Purchase of domain names
    Buying a web host
    Domain and Hosting
    FTP users and the use of the Zila file.
    Domain control panels
    Web Hosting Control Panels

    Duration: ? hours

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
    On the Optimization page – SEO

    What is an SEO page?
    Keyword research using Google Keyword Planner
    Select a domain and structure the URL
    Optimizing the main partition
    Optimizing Meta Tags
    Redirect tags
    What is content?
    Content and content optimization
    Friendly content
    Optimizing headers
    Keyword density, spam, and content
    LSI (latent semantic indexing)
    Image optimization
    Link Optimization
    Creating robot files
    Create a Sitemap and view
    Google Webmaster Tools
    Google Analytics Tool
    Alexa Integration

    Duration: ? hours



    Optimize your page – SEO

    What is an SEO page?
    Why is the page important?
    What are backlinks?
    Methods for creating backlinks
    The difference between Do Follow and No Follow Backlinks
    What is Google Page Rank
    How to increase the Google page rank
    Web Catalog Views
    Social Bookmarking
    Article writing and presentation
    Writing and publishing press releases
    A comment
    Guest Blogs
    Posting Forum
    Link exchange (one-sided, two-sided and three-sided)
    Views in search engines
    RSS Feeds
    Google Business Listing (Google Maps)

    Duration: ? hours

    Search Engine Algorithms

    What are search engine algorithms
    Why search engines create algorithms
    Google Panda Algorithm
    Google Penguin Algorithm
    Google EMD Algorithm
    Algorithm Bird Humming Bird
    Google Caffeine Algorithm


    Duration: ? hours


    Search Engine Marketing (using Google Adwords)

    Introduction to PPC
    Sign up with Google Adwords
    How to create a PPC campaign
    How to choose keywords for a PPC campaign
    Create AD for your PPC campaign
    How to manage bids in a PPC campaign
    Text ads
    Video ads

    Duration: 5 hours


    Learn More
    Overview of Social Network Optimization

    What is social media?
    Why is social media important for online promotion?
    Different types of social networks and network sites


    How to create a page on Facebook?
    How to promote your business on Facebook?
    How to increase the attractiveness for your page on facebook?
    How do I add a fan page to my site?
    The difference in Facebook profile, page and groups.
    How to join groups and promote your business.

    Duration: ? hours


    Google plus

    What is Google Plus?
    How do I create profiles in Google Plus?
    The difference between individuals and company profiles.
    Why go to Google Plus?

    Duration: ? hours



    Web Design and Hosting


    What is Twitter?
    Why is Twitter important?
    How to create a Twitter business page?
    How to read as professionals?
    How to increase Twitter subscribers?
    How do I tweet the page for organic search?



    Duration: ? hours



    Why YouTube?
    How do I create a video?
    Understanding video marketing
    Building links with you

    Duration: ? hours

    Advertising Distribution

    What is email marketing?
    How do I create HTML email addresses?
    How to send thousands of emails instantly.
    How to get the list of email addresses?
    How can I keep my ID from the black list?

    Duration: ? hours


    ORM – Reputation Management on the Internet

    What is ORM?
    How to manage ORM?
    Creating positive speech.
    Optimize your display pages

    Duration: ? hours


    Mobile marketing

    What is mobile marketing?
    Registration with mobile marketing sites?
    Creating mobile marketing campaigns
    Database Collection
    Sending messages

    Duration: ? hours


    Blogs, Adsense and Affiliates

    What are blogs?
    How to make a blog?
    What is WordPress and how to create using WordPress.
    WordPress themes and plugins.
    What is Adsense?
    How do I create an account in Adsense?
    What are affiliates?
    How to join and earn with affiliated persons?
    The best Indian and global bloggers?
    Case studies.
    How to make money using blogs?

    Duration: ? hours

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    Digital marketing online training . Digital Marketing and Web Design      [bg_collapse_level2 view="link-list" color="#f70c0c" icon="arrow" expand_text="Show More" collapse_text="Show Less" ]Digital Marketing Review[/bg_collapse_level2] What is digital marketing? What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? What is SERP (Search Results Pages)? What is SEM (search engine marketing)? What is SMO (optimization of social networks)? What is SMM…